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covid signs: How do I do know if I’ve a chilly, the flu or COVID?


The viruses that trigger colds, the flu and COVID-19 are unfold the identical method — via droplets from the nostril and mouth of contaminated folks. They usually can all be unfold earlier than an individual realizes they’re contaminated.

The time varies for when somebody with any of the diseases will begin feeling sick. Some folks contaminated with the coronavirus do not expertise any signs, however it’s nonetheless potential for them to unfold it.

Cough, fever, tiredness and muscle aches are widespread to each the flu and COVID-19. Signs particular to COVID-19 embody the lack of style or odor.

Covid Signs:

Most typical signs:

* Fever

* Cough

* Tiredness

* Lack of style or odor

Much less widespread signs:
* Sore throat

* Headache

* Aches and pains

* Diarrhoea

* A rash on pores and skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

* Pink or irritated eyes

Severe signs:
* Problem respiratory or shortness of breath

* Lack of speech or mobility, or confusion

* Chest ache

Frequent Chilly Signs

Frequent colds, in the meantime, are typically milder with signs together with a stuffy nostril and sore throat. Fevers are extra widespread with the flu.

Regardless of some false portrayals on-line, the viruses haven’t merged to create a brand new sickness. However it’s potential to get the flu and COVID-19 on the similar time, which some are calling “flurona.”

The overlapping signs of each COVID-19 and the flu (flurona) embody:

*Fever and chills



*Shortness of breath or issue respiratory

*Sore throat

*Muscle ache and physique aches


*Vomiting and diarrhea

* Change in or lack of style or odor (though, that is extra widespread with COVID-19)

A co-infection of any form will be extreme or worsen your signs altogether.

If you’re nonetheless undecided whether or not you’ve have a chilly, flu or COVID-19, testing is one of the simplest ways to find out the proper diseases.

With many related signs brought on by the three virus sorts, testing stays the best choice to find out which one you’ll have. At-home exams for flu aren’t as broadly obtainable as these for COVID-19, however some pharmacies supply testing for each viruses on the similar time.


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