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Sword Artwork On-line Anime Watch Order


Primarily based on the favored gentle novels by Reki Kawahara, Sword Artwork On-line is among the best-known anime of the previous decade. The fantasy sci-fi sequence has captured the imaginations of viewers the world over with its adventures via totally different recreation worlds and sometimes blurs the strains between digital actuality and actual life.

Because the sequence continues to develop, it may be intimidating to newcomers with its distinctive timeline and prolonged titles for story arcs and movies. Here is a breakdown of the total SAO timeline and the very best order by which to observe it.

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Season 1: Sword Artwork On-line (Aincrad/Fairy Dance)

The primary season that began all of it is cut up into two arcs: the “Aincrad” Arc and the “Fairy Dance” Arc. “Aincrad” introduces protagonist Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, who in November 2022 is trapped, together with 10,000 different gamers, inside the VR world of Sword Artwork On-line. The menace is actual: anybody who dies within the recreation dies in actual life, and all 100 flooring should be cleared so as to escape the sport and return to the actual world. It is crammed with thrilling battles and heartbreaking deaths — love even blossoms within the midst of the life-or-death battle.

“Fairy Dance” begins two months after the tip of “Aincrad.” 300 gamers from the SAO incident stay trapped for causes unknown, together with Kirito’s beloved girlfriend Asuna. She stays unconscious and extraordinarily frail in the actual world as Kirito finds out she is being held hostage in one other VR recreation, ALfheim On-line. The world and solid begin to increase right here as Asuna’s household and connections are launched, together with a mysterious authorities consultant whose affect grows with every successive season.

This quick movie options Kirito giving a full recap of Season 1’s occasions to authorities official Seijirou Kikuoka. There’s additionally some model new content material as the ladies have a swimming journey in the actual world and the total solid lastly enjoys a non-life threatening quest in ALO.

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Season 2: Sword Artwork On-line II (Phantom Bullet/Calibur/Mom’s Rosario)

Season 2 begins with the “Phantom Bullet” Arc, a full yr after the SAO incident. As the brand new shooter VR recreation Gun Gale On-line grows in reputation, two mysterious incidents involving a participant named Dying Gun alarm the authorities. When Dying Gun shoots a participant’s avatar, that participant additionally finally ends up dying in the actual world. Due to Kirito’s gaming data and experience, he’s requested to dive into GGO and examine. He groups up with sniper extraordinaire Shino “Sinon” Asada and learns the antagonists are extra acquainted than he realized.

The “Calibur” Arc is a quick however enjoyable filler journey for the total solid — now together with Sinon — again in ALfheim On-line. A lighthearted story that sits in between two considerably heavier ones.

Mom’s Rosario” is an emotional story that provides Asuna her long-awaited flip within the highlight. Again in ALO, she hears of an professional sword fighter named Zekken who’s undefeated in one-on-one battles, together with a victory over Kirito. Asuna and Zekken, actual identify Yuuki, turn out to be quick mates and Asuna joins her guild for a time. Actuality, nevertheless, is not so lighthearted as Yuuki carries a devastating real-world burden linked to her need to compete in ALO. Have tissues on the prepared.

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Sword Artwork On-line Various: Gun Gale On-line

SAO Various is a separate sequence with a complete totally different solid of characters. Primarily based on the sunshine novels by Keiichi Sigsawa, the one similarity to the principle sequence is that it takes place within the already-established world of Gun Gale On-line. It may be seen fully by itself, though a few easter egg references to Sinon and Kirito is perhaps missed with out watching the “Phantom Bullet” Arc first.

Shy school scholar Karen Kouhirimaki struggles with socializing and making mates as a result of her exceptionally tall top. She decides to attempt VR video games as an escape and comes to like the joys of Gun Gale On-line, which additionally permits her to create her personal avatar and turn out to be the quick, pink-clad woman she at all times needed to be. Now filled with confidence as Llenn, she weapons down all who stand in her method as she competes in a event that means life or demise for one specific participant.

Sword Artwork On-line: Ordinal Scale (Movie)

Again in the principle timeline, the Ordinal Scale movie takes place a couple of weeks after the tip of the “Mom’s Rosario” Arc. It additionally has the excellence of being an anime-exclusive story, not showing in creator Kawahara’s gentle novels.

A brand new augmented actuality gadget referred to as the Augma is all the fashion, with a combat-based recreation referred to as Ordinal Scale changing into the primary ARMMORPG. Kirito reveals little curiosity in AR till Asuna and the others inform him that boss monsters from the unique Sword Artwork On-line recreation have began showing. The mysteries compound when the sport’s second-ranked participant, Eiji, purposely injures Klein and his guild, leaving them within the hospital. A number of SAO survivors who work together with Eiji, together with Asuna, start to lose the recollections of their time in SAO.

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Season 3: Sword Artwork On-line – Alicization (Alicization/Struggle of Underworld)

The third and still-ongoing season of SAO is its longest and most expansive up to now. Break up into three arcs — “Alicization,””Struggle of Underworld” Half 1″ and “Struggle of Underworld Half 2” — it begins a couple of months after the occasions of Ordinal Scale.

“Alicization” sees Kirito working with the highest secret government-run firm Rath to check a brand new experimental full-dive machine referred to as the Soul Translator (STL). After being attacked in the actual world by a member of the Dying Gun plot from Season 2, Kirito suffers important mind injury and is solely stored alive due to the STL. As Kirito wakes up within the Underworld together with his real-world recollections intact, he should determine the best way to survive in a way more life like VR world than ever earlier than whereas Rath’s true objectives for the STL turn out to be clear.

The next “Struggle of Underworld” arc continues the occasions of Alicization as a world-spanning struggle breaks out within the Underworld with main worldwide penalties for the actual world as properly. “Half 2” is presently airing and accessible to stream on Crunchyroll.

It may be complicated, however the SAO anime’s chronology does slot in a correct order — although Various may be seen independently —although many of the tales start very shortly after their previous arcs. Appears Kirito and mates get even shorter spans of peace and quiet than the Dragon Ball solid.

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