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Home » Third Tradition Kings Are Completely happy to Be in “Second Place” (premiere)

Third Tradition Kings Are Completely happy to Be in “Second Place” (premiere)


Completely different Kinda Angel is the brand new launch from Third Tradition Kings, that includes producer Alap Momin (founding member of Dälek) and Copenhagen singer Jan Johansen (of Glorybox and Ring Them Bells). The duo fuse psychedelic pop, doo-wop, modern R&B and bass-centric sounds that come from someplace sooner or later.

You may hear this on “Second Place”, the most recent music from the LP. With trippy, dreamy vocals that recall peak-era Vibrant Eyes, propulsive, danceable rhythms, and an emotionally-driven lyric that seize the ear in addition to the guts, the music by no means strikes within the anticipated methods. This might have been a fairly simple pop quantity; as a substitute, it strikes into unusual territories that embody hints of ambient and dub, leading to one thing that’s way more satisfying than a three-minute love music.

Johansen says, “A number of the songs on our new file had been born proper there in entrance of the microphone, within the studio, on the spot. Some, I recorded on my iPhone sitting on my mattress in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Then I’d take it to Alap within the studio in Harlem, the place we handled the iPhone recording and did some overdubs. A number of the songs had been beats and treats that Alap had cooked up, and I’d improvise and jam over.”

He provides, “Nonetheless, ‘Second Greatest’ is a music I wrote virtually 20 years in the past, sitting up at 4:00 am in a tiny stone-cold condo in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the course of January. The condo didn’t have central heating however only one fuel burner in the lounge. Some sleepless nights brought on by the chilly would have me cozy up with an acoustic guitar by the flame of the heater. Though again then, this music had come to me in minutes, it could take virtually 20 years to be recorded, because it had by no means sat nicely with the noisy rock bands I used to be enjoying with on the time. To have thought again then that this Simon and Garfunkel-type tune can be handled to Alap Momin of (on the time) Dälek´s wizardry was not possible.


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